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"Sons Lointains", a track from my most recent album Two Hearts, was used on the BBC Radio2 Good Morning Sunday programme at the end of March.  Very excited to get my music out there to few more people (2.5 million!).

Feedback on "Two Hearts"

"My favourite album so far (although a close run thing with 'Echoes of Home')" JA-C

"I'm going for (yet) another listen to be absolutely sure I know which my favourites are!"  CR

"Amazing music Kevin - thank you."  OK

Feedback on "Second Love"

"I am so enjoying listening to the new album ... Super to hear both guitar and piano this time." HM

"What wonderful arrangements Kevin.  Thank you so much for the lovely music." DH

"CD arrived today - wow!  Love it!"  PS

"Fabulous CD Kevin, thank you for sending it so promptly.  Can't wait for the next one."  HC

New Album available 1 October

After many months in the studio my new album is finally ready and be available for purchase.

You can contact me here

You can listen to full versions of some tracks from my first three albums here

I could not be more pleased that you've found my website!


This is my official website, created for all of my fans to keep up with my hectic musical happenings.

I feel blessed to make my living composing and performing music, and I'm honoured that you are joining me here - if only for a short time.  Stay a while and look around.


Whether I'm in the studio working on my new album or out and about working on various projects, I'll be working hard to keep the information on my site current, topical, and fun.  So peruse at your leisure and please check back often.

My fourth album "Two Hearts" is now available and I am very excited to say that it is a return to my own-composition piano solo music. 

You can catch a snippet from each track on the Soundbites page.  If you like what you hear and your liking led to purchasing then you can buy the new CD, and the previous three CDs as well as music scores, in the online Shop.

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The new album is a return to my own-composition piano solos (with the exception of "Cromer" which also has a bit of classical guitar), this time inspired by some of my time spent away from home in East and North West England, both such beautiful parts of the UK and rather nice places to get away from day-to-day life.

Please feel free to take a look around my site, listen to snippets of my four albums here and if you like what you hear you can purchase in the online shop.

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