Kevin Walke Music

From this (on the right),

to this (below).

​Here you can see the first eight bars/measures of music taken from the composer's original score and "engraved" using Sibelius software.

Do you need your music or arrangement engraved?

Why would you?

​What is "music engraving"?

Despite the rather grandiose wording, engraving music is simply the process of getting hand-written music onto a typeset page; copy-typing if you will.  Having said that, "engraving" or copying from a composer's score is somewhat less simple than typing into Word as it requires understanding of the instruments used, eliminating any uncertainty or vagueness there might be in the score, standardising the notation size, fonts, text, etc. all whilst maintaining the integrity of the original music as the composer or arranger envisaged.

​Why have your music "engraved"?  Properly engraved music, set out clearly and neatly on the page, makes for much easier rehearsals and performances and shows that you are serious about your music.  It will also help highlight any unintentional errors in the original score.

​We have engraved many scores from simple piano solo through quartets to full orchestral, ranging from Baroque to C21st music and everything in between.  We use Sibelius software to complete the work but can accept files in Finale or MIDI format as well as the hand-written manuscript.

If you would like to see your music and compositions  arranged perfectly on the page and ready for rehearsing or performing then please do get in touch via email ( and let us together bring your music to life.

Engraving fees

​For most work we charge £0.18 per bar/measure.  Thus a page of music containing (say) 12 staves and six bars/measures per stave would cost £12.96 (72 bars) and a dozen such pages would cost £155.52.  Piano music (two clefs) is charged at £1 per bar/measure.  We can also extract parts at a cost of £3.50 per part.

​Other engraving requirements such as multiple instruments per stave, vocal score or score reductions etc. will require additional work and therefore you should contact me to discuss your requirements so that we can give you an accurate quotation for the work.  Please rest assured that we quote for work rather than give estimates so as long as your requirements do not change then the price will remain the same.

​There is a minimum charge of £60 per piece.

​If there are any engraving errors in the finished piece we will correct these free of charge for a single proof submission (i.e. please let me have all the corrections in one go), and we will also include a small number of adjustments from the original score for free.  Any further or more significant changes or reformatting or layout changes will be charged at the normal engraving fee rates with a minimum fee of £60.